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FMX: Video - New Sheet Metal specific Flexible Modeling tools to modify Sheet Metal Design Objects

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Attached please find a video showing new Flexible Modeling tools in Sheet Metal that allow to recognize Sheet Metal Design Objects such as bends, bend reliefs, corner reliefs, corner seams, forms from geometry and modify them with new dedicated tools.


Note that you might want to use the respective recognition tools with the automatic option upfront to recognize all those objects on the model. The Design Object tree (secondary tree) will show the recognized objects. The new Edit tools (Edit Bend Relief, Edit Corner Relief, Edit Corner Seam, Edit Bend) then allow you modify those objects independent from how these features had been created and as such even on an imported model.


Tools that are already quite stable in this sneak-peek version are:

  • The new recognition tools (Recognize Bends, Bend Reliefs, Corner Reliefs, Corner Seams, Forms)
  • Edit Bend Relief
  • Edit Corner Relief
  • Edit Corner Seam

Tools are not fully stabilized yet in this version are:

  • Edit Bend
  • Pull Wall

Even though not fully stable, we decided to keep them in the sneak-peek version to at least allow you to try them out in basic scenarios.

Note that Edit Bend and Pull Wall actually handle the adjacent conditions (reliefs and corner seams) and recreate them after the operation. Both operations also automatically transform all geometry that is attached to the modified wall/bend.

Looking forward to your feedback!


Best regards…Martin


Good job

Thanks Radovan,

for which use case would you use this capability most? (working on imported SM models, late stage design changes, other?)

Best regards..:Martin

All looks cool. My favorite is zoom selected geometry from model tree and all Edit sheet metal features with capabilities to apply to all recognized geometry.

This could be useful for our customers which job is create or import 3D geometry and produce physical parts.

Thanks for your feedback.

Great to hear you find it useful and like it


Did I miss seeing what version of Creo you are using?

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