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Fast Facts! Quick Tips for Using PTC Creo - Part Modeling

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Welcome to the first edition of our new blog series “Fast Facts!” This content is intended to provide users with easy-to-use, actionable tips and tricks for how to use PTC Creo more effectively. Today, we will focus on a few commands to help you become more effective in part modeling mode. These tips come from Steve Meyers and Evan Winter, two PTC Creo experts in our training group.


1. Using Intent References


You can increase the robustness of features using Intent References, which capture the intent of the feature when selecting resulting edges or surfaces (the edges bounding a surface of a feature, or a set of extruded vertices).



1. Query Select to Intent References, or use “Pick from List” in RMB while creating Rounds, Chamfers, Draft, etc.




2. Notice, there is no failure after base feature modification



Learn more about Intent References in our Did You Know Blog Post


Intent References Image 1.pngIntent References Image 2.png

Intent References Image 3.pngIntent References Image 4.png

2. Showing Feature and Component Layers



You can show layer placement and status for part features and assembly components Go to Settings then Tree Columns. Type = Layer “Layer Names and/or “Layer Status” > Add Column and click OK

showing feature image 1.pngshowing feature image 2.pngshowing feature image 3.png


3) Using Solidify to Trim Solid Geometry –


Use the Solidify command to trim geometry from one side of a model (e.g. flat cuts at spring ends).

solidy image.png


4) Getting Transform Measurements Using Vertices



Vertices can be used to gather Delta X,Y and Z measurements. While measuring distance between vertices, add a  CSYS feature to the Projection collector to see the transform distances.

datum image.png


Stayed tuned as we cover more PTC Creo commands, features, and shortcuts designed to help you use the product faster!


For more in-depth product feature explanations, visit our Tech Tips area.


Have some ideas about what you’d like to learn more about? Send me a message or leave a comment below and we’ll write up the best ideas from the community. Thanks for reading, looking forward to all of your feedback!

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