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Midnight (very dark) Theme: <<Update:Test closed>>

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Dear Creo users!

<<<<<Update: the test program is closed >>>>

If you are one of the users that always wanted to run Creo with a very dark user interface theme, here is your chance!


We are looking for test users and their feedback. If you are interested to try out an experimental version of the dark UI shown above (based on Creo 7.0), please send an e-mail to with the subject “Midnight Theme”   with your name from your company e-mail account and we will instruct you how to participate to the testing. We are in particular looking for feedback on the “usability readiness” of the UI icons.


Best regards...Martin


Does it matter what version of Creo you are running?

Yes, it requires Creo 7.0.

It does require Creo 7.0

I cannot be a tester since my organization is still running Creo 4. But I can tell you definitively there are several people (including Myself) in my organization who would love a dark theme like this.

@VladimirPalffy   Can you help @mneumueller  out?  Who else out here has Creo 7.0?

We are still running Creo 4.0.  However, next Spring when we move to 7.0, we would very much like the option of a dark theme.


White backgrounds may make things look like it is on paper, but if you use the software all day long, your eye balls and retina will suffer.

Can this be done using a web based test platform? I doubt I will have access to creo 7 anytime soon.


I agree that would help.

the answer is : not as of now, but I am looking into it.

Martin Neumueller

CREO 4.0

CREO 7.0

creo 7.0

CREO 7.0


Ho how to do it?w


We just are migrating to 7 now. I LOVE the midnight theme but I can't figure out how to get it to default the next time I open Creo. SCL file doesn't seem to do it. 


Please help...thanks in advance! setting

enable_midnight_theme yes

Oh I have the midnight theme but I can't find that option when I search for it in config


It is a hidden option, you cannot search for it.



See the configuration listings from Olaf's pages.

Complete lists of Options – CreoSite


You don't need the hidden config option in 7.0.3. It is available out of the box.

strangely enough it doesn't seem to do anything. I deleted the syscol.scl file but even when I had saved midnight into one it still didn't open midnight the next time I open Creo. Is midnight something you have to set every time you start creo currently?


very good to know but I am not sure I should use 7.0.3, we just migrated from 2.0 this week 😲

I also have the same issue. Not sure what setting needs to be changed or saved to get midnight on default open. 

I like the darker themes as they’re easier on my eyes but can’t seem to get the themes to open as the default theme. What setting needs to be changed or saved? I can get my system colors to stay and other customizations just not the theme and I don’t understand what’s missing. 

same issue for Creo 7 and 8

@mneumueller is this intentional? 

I've started using the dark theme and it's really comfortable. I use the standard theme for presentations but to model I switch to the dark theme. In my opinion, excellent solution especially for the fact of being able to switch from one configuration to another without having to restart the program

I really want to like this theme, but I can't believe that in 2021 PTC deems it still acceptable to use 16x16 icons for their buttons. What a blurry mess!

I agree, I really wanted to like this and maybe my complaint comes from your observation about the 16x16 icons. I just couldn't always tell when something was grayed out or not. I'd be selecting entities first as you do for some commands and would think I was doing something wrong because the command I wanted wasn't available but it really was, it just looked like it wasn't. I have gone back to standard dark theme but would love some updates to address these issues.


I really like the new Theme and a lot of our users do too.  But when they access the workspace or a webpage using the internal browser, there does not seem to be a way to switch the  PDMLink or other web pages to a dark mode.  And it then goes back to bright on what they need to see.

Can you please share how to control the Internal browser windows too.





David, all


so far this is an experimental capability and as such not fully supported / supported throughout.

Thanks to everyone who shared feedback.

I am not aware of an option to control the browser, but that seems to be a good additional item to consider when fully supporting it.



any update on setting midnight theme as default when starting creo? a year later and i still can't find a solution

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