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Multibody - External Copy Geometry (ECG) and body attribute propagation

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Hi all,

as this came up in several threads, let me add a consolidated post here referring to  External Copy Geometry (ECG) and body attribute propagation. The questions here are mostly related to the logic of the propagation options for bodies (and also other objects)


Note that the ECG has settings within its option panel to control the propagation of parameters.

This includes several aspects ranging from appearances to body names and more, and it also includes an option to propagate the construction body attribute. It also depends on whether an external body/or bodies are added "as is" or being merged into the existing body in the part.

Here is how the options look like:



Some questions had been raised for example about how the construction yes/no option works when a body is brought via ECG from a source model to a target model, initially with that option checked and then unchecked during Edit-Definition of the ECG.


The answer to that is that this option is a logical toggle that allows to control whether the status/attribute from the source should be propagated to the target.

If you "uncheck" it, the "construction" body attribute/status will no longer be propagated to the target. That means an update of the ECG will no longer force an update of the construction attribute in the target body.  That means the target body will stay a construction body (simply because that is its current state  and no update is forcing the body to change that status.)
If you do a right-menu action on the body to "Unset construction body" status, then the body should become a regular solid body and should no longer change to construction during an ECG update.

The publications team is currently working to provide additional explanations to the behavior into the online help sections. You should see that in the upcoming maintenance releases.


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