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UI/UX/Customization: Video on new selection paradigm and mini toolbars in Creo 4.0 Sneak Peek

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Hi everyone,


Attached please find a video on selection & mini toolbar similar to the demo I gave this morning in the presentation.

It also includes an audio track with some explanations, in case you prefer that.

Check out the new customization capabilities and let us know what you like or dislike!

Please reply by commenting on this post, so that we can keep it in the same bucket.

Also, feel free to ask questions.


Looking forward to your feedback.


Thanks  ...Martin


I have begun to look at customising the mini toolbar. However as I understand there are only two effective levels of granularity when in part mode.  e.g. when you select a geometric entitiy you can either change the standard selection of icons or the Flex modelling version which is only active when the FM tab is active. Is there any way of generating further versions of the various toolbars which are active when specific tabs are selected, e.g. a user specific tab?


  Many Thanks



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