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Future plans of Elements Direct

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

This question is focused on Modeling. One should not forget Drafting which is used for:

- non 3D models such as diagrams

- layout for enormous installation which cannot be done by Annotation with the computers of today

- modifiication of old 2D drawings (since 1987).

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Sorry about updating the system requirement not in time. It still needs some days to be available. Please use the following links to get access to the latest updates of the system requirements fir the Creo Elements/Direct 20.0:





Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Further information about Creo Elements/Direct Modeling you get here.

If you are interested in a free version check here for Modeling Express, a

OK, but I couldn't find any download link for Elements/Direct, and no price information either. Also I could not deduce whether the so called Extensions are separtate products, or just standard modules of Elements/Direct std product?

I also could not find any comparison matrix between Elements/Direct and Parametric.

I also have no idea what the difference is between the following products (from the right pane of the product page):

CAD Products

For anyone new to Creo, there's piles of info about this and that, but no simple statement about how things relate to each other, what is included in the std package, no comparison matrixes between products, different product names on different pages with no explanation of what is this or that, or are they all the same (can't find any product but Parametric in the store)... and so on. Really confusing.

I'm a Rhino user with little or no experience of other CAD packages (tried Fusion 360 very little).

// Rolf

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

A matrix would be nice, but I've not seen anything like that.

Here's a quick summary of the differences:

Creo Parametric: Parametric 3D modeler

Creo Direct: Direct modeler to be used with Creo Parametric when direct modeling is needed to make changes

Creo Elements/Direct: Direct modeler to be used when creating parts/products using just a direct modeling approach

Creo: Family of products which include the three above, plus more


Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Hi All,

As per comment 6th Jan, we held our "PDS Vision Open Day" this week, with several key speakers from PTC.  It was excellent, and I was pleased to see the sentiment of the PTC speaker to iterate the importance of the Elements\Direct within the suite (see attached).

Of course there was a lot of talk about the suite of the applications (Parametric\Windchill\Thingworx\Vuforia etc...), and how they align with each other and with CED.  On the whole, an enjoyable, positive and excellently delivered set of presentations.


Additionally, if anybody has the opportunity to visit the AMRC site in Sheffield, UK (where the PDS Vision event was hosted), you absolutely must.  PTC have an investment there at the facility where they showcase and develop their IoT technology.  This alone is worth the visit, but to see demo's of other emerging technologies, and the enthusiasm of the young engineers involved is great to see