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determine original model creator


determine original model creator

I'm having to address poor modeling technique with a couple of users. With training, one-on-one coaching and creating step-by-step instructions they've improved, butI'm still finding occasional new models with bad methodology. Problem is when I bring it to their attention, they say they just duplicated an existing model and drawing to get their new one so the bad modeling is not their doing (never mind correcting it or the fact that they can't remember what they copied it from). Within Intralink (we're running Pro/E Wildfire 3 M230 and Intralink 3.4 M030), the objects are tagged as originally created by them - which it does even if copied from work originated by someone else. We don't have object historywithin Intralink, so I can't utilize that.However, I've found in the past when the Pro/E model is opened in a text editor, the header usually includes a running list of who has worked on it. If I take an existing model made by "Joe" and duplicate it in intralink or "save a copy" in Pro/E, Intralink treats the new object as created by me. But reading the header of the "new" file in a text editor still shows the name "Joe"before my nameand in many cases, I can dig down and find the name of the original model I copied from (in the body of data for the model, not in the header). Inmost cases of these bad models, the only names showing up are the names of the people saying they just copied someone elses' model. The only model name showing up within the model file is the current name of the file - no references to an originating model name. Howver, I don't know if I can absolutely say that the absence of another user's name in the header and absence of another model name in body of the file means that it wasn't copied from some other file created by another user. Anyone have a definite answer on this or a way I can nail this down?


determine original model creator

Well did the users say that they copied the model from another user's
model or just that they copied the model. They could be side stepping the
question by simply saying it was a save as, just because they did a save
as doesn't mean at one point in time they didn't create the original
problem file.

Sounds like the users are avoiding the question instead of saying they
didn't take the time to fix the model.

Brian S. Lynn
Technical Coordinator, Product Engineering

RE: determine original model creator

They are saying they copied a file created by another user, a sort of "don't blame me". I need to determine the source of the problem so I can address it. I strongly suspect the user in question isn't being entirely honest, but I can't prove it.

I also received a reply indicating to use the Audit Trail function which I've done in the past - it essentially appears to be reading the information in the file header. One indicated this will even include the name of the person who created the start part. However, I don't currently see thatbehavior that in our system. We use start part and start assembly models, but my name (I created the start part / assembly models) doesn't display as the originator. Although it seems like it used to do that several revs back.


determine original model creator

First off, Intralink does keep all this information, provided you have not
deleted previous revs and or purged too many versions, at least it does in
Ilink 3.4. I would assume that this is the same in 9.0 and 10.0 and in
PDMlink. This is also assuming that all your users have unique login ID's.
so you can track this. There should be a good history of all the check in
and changes with dates and users and approvers. Also it sounds as if all
this micro managing on your part has made your designers timid/insecure.
They don't want to take or give any responsibility, if it were me I would
tell them to get with the program and straighten out or just replace them.
Quit wasting time providing one on one training. One 1-2 hour group
session on your corporate drawing standards should be enough to make them
understand how things should be modeled. The market is saturated with
people looking for a job let them know this and maybe they will kick it up a
notch. Additionally if a user can not remember or recreate where he got
the start file from is another reason that they do not need to be retained.
I remember steps I used to create models from years ago let alone just a few
days to weeks ago. Finally if it matters that much that you or your
employees need to point the finger in one direction or another is just an
indication that there is wasted time and effort in your product development
cycle. Do like all of us have had to do for years, just get it done without
complaint and move on.