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Level 5


I have modeled a gearbox casing which consist of three different sub assemblies(Top, Middle and bottom which was modeled in TOP-DOWN approach) composed of fabricated steel plates using CREO-2.0 for structural analysis. I have provided fastener connection between these three sub assemblies. In each sub assemblies, I have used weldment feature for joining the different plates(It is also defined under simulate menu). During meshing(AutoGEM) I'm geting 4 errors in the diagnostics tab as following.


1. Creo Simulate removed some small curves from the model. The removal tolerance is set from the Geometry Tolerance dialog box (AutoGEM > Geometry Tolerance). Fewer curves are removed if you decrease the Minimum Curve Dimension value.

2. AutoGEM may not be able to complete because the volume boundaries either intersect or overlap near the highlighted surfaces

3. The ratio of the thickness to the radius of curvature is too large for the highlighted surface(s).  The thickness multiplied by the maximum curvature must be less than 1.5.

4. AutoGEM approximated invalid elements


As I'm new to analysis, I do not know how to solve it. Please help me to retify the error and to solve.


Herewith I have attached the screenshot of the model.