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how to create joint in efx/equipment


how to create joint in efx/equipment

I like to use AFX model, now I've got a problem, I need general EFX/Equipment library, but do not understand how to establish joint EFX/Equipment.

now such as in the folder efx\parts\equipment\steel_construction_mm\stairs\stairs_1.asm,

parameters in this component,such as joint_5,joint_6,joint_9,joint_10,

and now these 4 parameter value represents the mean,I do not understand ,

If anyone knows of extra documentation where it outlines what is required of an EFX parts/equipment that'd be great.

thank you!


For every part that can be assembled with AFX, there should be a *.TAB file in het library folder.

This TAB file has the same name as the part/assembly or UDF that is created/assembled.

This TAB file is written in a kind of BASIC language, and is pretty good readable.

The parameters you mention are probaly used in this TAB file to look for the correct references in the part where the joint is assembled in.

I don't know if there is a general help file to explain all commands used in these TAB files, or that explain the link between both.

We are building something like AFX ourself for pressure vessels, but with the use of SmartAssembly (very similar to AFX)

thank you jeroen

I know what you mean, now the question is, how I building joints in the Assembly (in the folder efx/equipment)

b&w Use EFX script language to establish these I do not know to create these relationships,

BUW can provide these instructions and heip files.

I have a very basic help file concering EFX:

Maybe you can get the information you search here?

thank you very much

I understand these relationships.

here is my General AFX established replacement parts.Used parts have solved

I now need to study the assembly in the equipment .


Can someone answer my question, please


there is a command

CREATE_JOINT in AFX scripting langugae to create joint. An example can be seen in

AFX file <afx_instal_dir>/parts/steel_construction_mm/no_standard/

If you send me personal mail to I can give some more detailed information