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Direct Drafting(ME10). Wrong scale when importing DXF/DWG


Direct Drafting(ME10). Wrong scale when importing DXF/DWG

We have serious problem converting DXFs to .mi, which is a standard in our organization.


When we import a DXF, with main scale lets say 1:5, it is imported as 1:1.


So when fixing existing annotations, or applying new annotations, all the dimensions are reduced 5 times.

It is not possible to rescale with PART_DRW_SCALE '~A' 0.2, because it is not  just changing scale, but transforms the drafting along with it. And it is finishing deformed, and still reduced 5 times in values.


What We need is just make all the values 5 times greater, to conform original dimensions, without deforming the drafting.



I tried tweaking PTC\Creo Elements\Direct Drafting 18.1\dxfdwg\DXFDWG.con

It has no effect on "x times scaling". And the "mm" units are correct.


# DXF/DWG to MI Translation Switches
StartSection                  DXF to MI Translator
PolymarkerType                2
TranslateDXFPenLineSize       3
TranslateInvisibleLayers      OFF
CustomUnits                   ON
Units                         mm
UnitsScale                    1.0
ContourSnapGap                1E-12
HatchCloseContours            ON
HatchToContours               OFF
CreateManualHatch             OFF
ExplodeDXFDimensions          OFF
RecomputeDimBlock             OFF
KeepAttributesWithPart        OFF
RecordByLayerInfo             OFF
SplineControlPointTranslation OFF
TranslateDXFInvisibleEntities OFF
ReadAllLayoutData             OFF
TranslatePaperspace           OFF



Got an ugly workaround:


Since we do not need many parts in per-part drawings, we combine everything into one TOP part first.

// Upon DXF importing there is a mad explosion into children made of individual lines and circles happen, which should be reassembled any way.

Then we send a new overall part, including all annotations into a child part. Then individually apply the scale to the TOP.

(!)You should ensure that only the TOP has 1:5, for instance, and the child part is kept at 1:1.

Then "recombine" these two linked parts into one again!

Now the scaling is correct, dimensions are correct, and nothing gets deformed.


But any part composition becomes extinct.


(!)Then, you'll find that dimensions do not change, when lines are moved.

That is because a $TEXT label is attached on top of every dimension, in order to mask the ugliness of DXF/DWG import tool. It is like "we can not make a correct scaling, so we just put there stickers, and tell the management, we are done here". NO! It does not work!

So, after fixing the scale as I told above, you have to delete all the annotation texts, and the automatic dimensions will pop up on the right place in correct scale.


Still, line style import is also incorrect, and I have to recolor every thread arc, and redraw every center-line manually.

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