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8.4 Composer and Mashups Q&A

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Question: Is there a Security log entry added when a user is refused access to Composer?
Answer:The Security log is mainly for user login and authentication items; since this is not authentication per se, we don't log any messages there. The Application log should have log entries noting any errors.

Question:  Do the gauges and graphs now behave more reactive without reloads of massive data. just easy show "realtime" data?
Answer: The Custom Charts we have on the Market place should alleviate some of that - depending on how the data refresh is set up, that should redraw. The changes we have done on the layout side won't have any impacts there, unless the browser window is resized.

Question:Will we offer a library of "Design themes"? 
Answer:We are working on adding prebuilt themes for a future release.

Question: Does the new Mashup builder store Mashups in the same way? Are these new Mashups taking into account a runtime separated from the platform?
Answer: It should be the same - the runtime instance is still separated.

Question:What about inheritance with themes?
Answer: The support inheritance - if you have a Contained Mashup without a Theme set, they should be inheriting the parent's Theme.

Question: Is it posible to duplicate an expression / validator? are there plans to include the event router there?
Answer: We don't have duplication support in the current release . Yes, we have plans to add more 'non-visual' widgets to the list, that includes Event Router and Status Message.

Question: Is it planned to generate the preview images dynamically based on mashup contents?
Answer: We are looking into dynamic updates for images - it might get expensive to generate images based on the volume of data that is bound to the widgets, so we're exploring different ways to resolve this.

Question: Will these new BETA widgets be forward compatible?
Answer:Correct, and we are working on adding more widgets! The property definitions within them shouldn't undergo any changes (as in properties won't get removed). We're always looking to enhance these further, so they might get additional features/ properties.

Question: Any guide available for custom widget development?
Answer: We are working on adding development guides for Web Components, and working with the respective SDKs.

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