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Adding an Easier to Remember URL for Flow

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Having trouble remembering how to get into Flow? How about make /Flow the URL?


Since the Flow environment uses NGINX to front-end the various components that make up Flow, there is a very sophisticated set of rewrites and proxy_pass directives in the NGINX configuration. All you have to do is add another 'location' fragment to the vhost-flow.conf file that will push /Flow over to /Thingworx/Composer/apps/flow:


    location /Flow {

      rewrite ^/Flow$ $proxy_scheme://$server_host/Thingworx/Composer/apps/flow permanent;



On Linux, the file should be at



On Windows, the file should be at

c:\Program Files\nginx-[version]\conf\conf.d\vhost-flow.conf


Test the updated config file with (nginx may not exist in your normal path):

nginx -t


Restart the NGINX service:

Linux (one of these will work depending upon your Linux version):

systemctl restart nginx

service nginx restart


Net stop ThingWorxOrchestrationNginx

Net start ThingWorxOrchestrationNginx

-or- use the Services app to restart the service


From this point forward https://yourserver/Flow will take you to ThingWorx Flow's home page.

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