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Analytics: Prediction Methods Mashup

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To help explain some of the different ways in which a prediction can be triggered from a Thingworx Analytics Model, I've built a mashup which allows you to easily trigger these types of prediction:


- API Realtime Prediction
- Analytics Manager: Event
- API Batch Prediction


For information on setting up this environment to use the mashup with some sample data, please see the attached instructions document: Prediction-Methods-Mashup.pdf. The referenced resource files can be found inside


For more information on prediction scoring please see this related post: How to score new data with ThingWorx Analytics 8.3.x


In case you get this error message ...

[message: Execution error in service script [PredictStrength] :: TypeError: Cannot call method "RealtimeScore" of null (PredictStrength#29)

... it could be that the Thing representing the Prediction Microservice in your system has a different name to mine (which is AnalyticsServer_PredictionThing). To fix this you can try changing the script Things["ConcreteHelper"].PredictStrength to the attached code.

Here's an updated version of the Prediction Methods Mashup. The documentation (only) has been updated with simplified steps in Analytics Manager.

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