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Axeda Patch for ActiveMQ to support Axeda Machine Streams (Platform 6.8 and later)

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This Zip file contains the Axeda patch (axeda-jms-plugin-<version>-machine-streams) required for proper installation and configuration of an Apache ActiveMQ server to use with the Axeda Machine Streams service (which is supported for Axeda Platform v6.8 and later).

Note: Information about the Axeda Machine Streams feature is provided in the Axeda Features Guide available from the Axeda Support site,

This patch overlay needs to be applied to the v5.8.0 ActiveMQ server installed as the Axeda Machine Streams endpoint broker, so that Axeda Platform can send streamed content to that server endpoint.

Complete instructions for installing and configuring an Apache ActiveMQ server for Axeda Machine Streams are provided in the reference, Axeda® Machine Streams: A Guide to Setting Up Broker Endpoints. This guide is available with all Axeda product documentation from the PTC Support site.


To folks using this patch, there is a small error in lines 110 and 111 of conf/activemq.xml that will cause permissions problems when trying to write to the queues:

                  <authorizationEntry queue="MachineStream.&gt;" read="axedaadmins,admins" write="axedaadmins,admins" admin="axedaadmins,admins"/>

                  <authorizationEntry topic="ActiveMQ.Advisory.&gt;" read="axedaadmins,admins" write="axedaadmins,admins" admin="axedaadmins,admins"/>

Replace the  &gt; with > to make:

                  <authorizationEntry queue="MachineStream.>" read="axedaadmins,admins" write="axedaadmins,admins" admin="axedaadmins,admins"/>

                  <authorizationEntry topic="ActiveMQ.Advisory.>" read="axedaadmins,admins" write="axedaadmins,admins" admin="axedaadmins,admins"/>

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