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Axeda Sample Application: Populating A Web Page with Data Items

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The Axeda Platform provides a few mechanisms for putting user-defined pages or UI modules into the dashboards, or allowing end-users to host AJAX based applications from the same instance their data is retrieved from.  This simple application illustrates the use of jQuery to call Scripto and return a JSON formatted array of current data for an Axeda asset.


  • First steps taken with Axeda Artisan
  • Basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Axeda Platform v6.5 or greater (Axeda Customers and Partners)
  • Artisan project attached to this article


  • Authentication from a Web app
  • Use of CurrentDataFinder API
  • Scripto from jQuery

Files of Note ​(Locations are from the root of Artisan project)

  1. index.html – main HTML index page
  2. app.js – JavaScript code to build application and call Scripto
  3. axeda.js – axeda web services JavaScript code
  4. DataItemsWithScripto.groovy – custom object on Axeda platform





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