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Backing up Custom Objects in Axeda Enterprise

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Axeda Enterprise has long provided a feature to run custom code on the server side in response to end user requests or events triggered by data sent in by remote agents.  Version 6.6 introduced Axeda Artisan - an Apache Maven based tool to add modern best practices to developing Axeda-based solutions, using modern code editors such as Eclipse and IntelliJ, and allowing for the use of source code control tools like Git or Clearcase.  One downside to Artisan, however, is that it has no export tool - no way to take currently existing entities in the Axeda instance, and save them.

The attached Groovy script, GetCustomObjects.groovy, solves that problem for custom objects.  It will iterate an Axeda instance and save any found CustomObjects to disk for backup, or to use to bootstrap an Artisan project from an existing instance.

{ / }  » groovy GetCustomObjects.groovy

usage: getCustomObjects

-acceptBadSSL          Ignore any TLS validation issues

-h                     help

-instance <instance>   instance name - directory to store results

-password <password>   password

-url <url>             url of Axeda Machine Cloud

-username <username>   username

An example call might look like:

{ / } groovy GetCustomObjects.groovy -instance prod-instance -url -username <uname> -password <pwd>

This will save all custom objects in a directory called prod-instance.

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