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Basic triage process to use when diagnosing issues in mashup

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The purpose of this post is to provide some ideas and help diagnosing issues in mashup. First, check if the problem occurs at mashup runtime or in design(edit) mode.

  1. Runtime: Is the issue visual or related to improper service execution? (e.g, "my data is displaying correctly but the styling or formatting is wrong" -- visual, "my data is displayed incorrectly but the styling and formatting is right" -- improper service execution)
      • For visual/styling/formatting issues, return to the edit mode of mashup, and ensure the proper style definitions were set up.
        • Ensure the logic behind the connections is correct.
        • Check configuration of the widget(s) involved.
        • Were there any changes made to the styles after the mashup was saved and run the first time? If so, try - clearing the browser cache;  -reconnecting the dependent entity with the style involved in the issue.
        • If the problem persists, contact technical support to raise a cosmetic defect ticket.
      • For improper service execution, return to the composer and use the "test" button on the service to execute and validate the output.
        • If the outputs are incorrect, check the code inside of the service.
        • If the outputs come out as expected, try reconnecting the service in the mashup design mode and clearing the browser cache.
        • If the issue is related to the data from the user database not displaying  -- ensure the database connectivity and proper credentials.
        • If the problem persists, reach out to the technical support to raise a defect.

   2.   Design/edit mode:

      • If the widgets are not displaying correctly or not appearing in the list:
        • Check the extensions involved are appearing under the extension manager. Re-upload if needed and restart the composer.
        • If the Google Maps widget is not showing in the mashup the first time of being used, allow up to 2 hrs to load and cache.
        • Submit a ticket to technical support, including the screenshots of the issue.
      • For other styling, formatting, or improper display issues at design time: document the observation and supply the screenshots to the technical support team for investigation.

Note: See Tools and approaches used in troubleshooting Twx issues.

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