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Best Practices for ThingWorx Application Development

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Question: What are some best practices around building IIoT solutions with ThingWorx?


Meet Ward. Ward works on the product management team for our Manufacturing Apps (i.e. Asset Advisor, Operator Advisor, Production Advisor, etc.). He’s a super cool and smart guy, and he always has an answer to my ThingWorx questions. He has so many answers, in fact, that he worked closely with other ThingWorx experts like Sangeeta to create the ThingWorx Application Development Guide.


I sat down with him to hear his top few tips from the guide. And, just in case we don’t have enough fun around here on “Ask Kaya,” we decided to list his top tips not by “1”-“2”-“3”, but by “W”-“A”-“R”-“D”.


Without further to do, here are Ward’s top tips from the ThingWorx Application Development Guide.


Whitelist your IPs for application keys. (See page 67.)

Auto Refresh widget vs. GetProperties service? How should I update live data to my mashup? (See page 25.)

Reuse components to increase efficiency and improve your application design. (See page 69.)

Don’t use a Thing Template when you really should use a Thing Shape. (See page 10.)


To see more, check out the full ThingWorx Application Development Guide here!


Look out for our next release of the App Development Guide in July! It’ll feature our Manufacturing Apps to share even more ThingWorx best practices!


Reach out with any questions and stay connected!

- Kaya

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