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Composer and Mashup Builder Enhancements 8.5

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Composer Enhancement:

-Improved workflow support
NG Composer challenging to navigate -> Usability challenges with editing and viewing data

-Tab style editing support
-Horizontal tabs
-New Grids with Resizing
-Resizing in Entity Grids
-Schedule Editor

Problem: Need modernization of platform visualization toolset


-New Webcomponent widgets
-Responsive layout now GA
-Theming now GA
-Key messaging
-New ability to build responsive modern web applications


Theming and Theme editor

-Centralized style management
-Easily apply to all Mashups of an applications
-Bindable, can be changed dynamically
-Set Colors Typography, Lines, Borders, States

-Set globally or by group of elements (buttons, grids, inputs)
-Mashup Preview can be set


New Widgets in 8.5

-Dynamic panel
-List Shuttle
-Property Display
-Value Display
-Advanced Grid now part of platform

-Event Router
-Status Message


Responsive Layout
-New responsive layout editor, based on Flex
-Content lays out according to rules, adapts to the screen size and settings

-Static and size range support



When you open a mashup containing legacy widgets for which there are web component replacements available OR
You open a mashup containing legacy layouts, a banner appears at the top of the design page

Clicking Yes will migrate to new widgets and new flex layout
-Bindings in the mashup are retained
-Recommended to review widgets sizes


Layout Migration
-Static layous are migrated to a responsive flex container

Q: There is still no Right mouse click support? 
A: We don't have a right click context menu yet, but we're looking into what can be included based on the context for a future release.

Q: With flex containers, is it still possible to create a mashup with two columns, one covering 1/3 of the screen, the other 2/3 of the screen, when the size of the screen is not known upfront?
A: Correct - you can set container rules to grow and shrink (in your case, set one container to use 1/3rd and the other 2/3rd)

Q: Do we have the cut/paste function in the responsive containers so we're able to move content around?
A: Yes, now you can move the whole container too! You can either use the cut/ copy/ paste from the toolbar, or use keyboard shortcuts (shift for cut/ move and alt for copy).

Q: The old layout widget allowed setting column size as percentage, rather than absolute size. How can that be done in containers?
A: With containers, it uses the standard flex-grow and flex-shrink css properties. We have Grow Ratio and Shrink Ratio properties available, and you can set the values there.

Q: How are we addressing the expand/collapse functions we used to have in the headers/footers/righ&left side bar?
A: Each container  will have an option to Expand/ Collapse. Based on where the container is located (left/ right or top/ bottom), it will expand accordingly - so left/ right sidebar or header/ footer.

Q: Does it show which widgets are undergoing the changes from legacy to new?
A: The legacy widgets are grouped in the 'Legacy' widget category, and are indicated with an icon noting it's a legacy widget.

Q: What about migrating from widget from extension (ie advanced grid) ? Those will be replaced also?
A: Correct - when you move to 8.5, you won't have to import the extension any longer. If you have any Mashups with the Advanced Grid in place, it'll pick it up.

Q: Can we add CSS to the themes?
A: Yes, you can add. The Custom CSS tab is available for Themes specifically too.

Q: Bindings of containers won't be saved - does that mean that if we use contained mashup with mashup parameters, all bindings will be lost?
A: The bindings within the container should not change; the Mashup parameters will be exposed so that you can bind in/ out. The bindings should be retained - when you migrate from the old layout to the new, any bindings you have should not be lost/ broken.

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