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Forced Root Cause Monitoring - Required Entities

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This post is part of the series Forced Root Cause Monitoring via Mashups and Modal Popups

To not feel lost or out of context, it's recommended to read the main post first.

Required Entities

In this simplified example we'll just use a Thing to set a status triggering the popup.

This Thing will have two properties and one service:

  • Properties
    • trigger (Boolean) - to indicate if an error status is present or not, if so - trigger the popup
    • selectedReason (Number) - to indicate the selected reason / root cause chosen in the modal popup
  • Service
    • clearTrigger - to reset the trigger to "false" once a reason has been selected

The selectedReason will be logged into a ValueStream.

In addition to the Thing and the ValueStream we will need a StateDefinition to pre-define potential root causes to be displayed in the popup. We will use three states to be used in a traffic-light fashion to indicate the severity of the issue in a custom color schema.

To display the monitoring Mashup and the popup we will need two Mashups.

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