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Getting Started with the ThingWorx Service Apps Community

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Welcome to the ThingWorx Service Apps Community!

The ThingWorx Service Apps are easy to deploy, pre-configured role-based starter apps that are built on PTC’s industry-leading IoT platform, ThingWorx.

The Asset Advisor for Service provides the ability to remotely identify, diagnose, and resolve service issues for a proactive maintenance approach.


A. Sign up:

PTC account credentials are needed to participate in the ThingWorx Community. If you have not yet registered a PTC eSupport account, start with the Basic Account Creation page.


B. Download:

Import as a ThingWorx Extension (for users with a ThingWorx SCP entitlement-- including PTC employees, and PTC Partners):

ThingWorx Service Apps can be imported as a ThingWorx extension into an existing ThingWorx Platform install (v8.1.0). To locate the download, open the PTC Software Download Page and expand the following folders:


PTC Smart Connected Applications | Release APPs | ThingWorx Service Apps Extension | Most Recent Datacode


C. Learn

Find helpful documentation in PTC Reference Documents.


D. Get help / give feedback / interact

Use the ThingWorx Service Apps Community page as a resource to find documentation, peruse past forum threads, or post a question to start a discussion! For advanced troubleshooting, licensed users are encouraged to submit support tickets to the PTC My eSupport portal.

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