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How to change hostname for Thingworx Flow after installation (Windows only)

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If you need to change the used hostname at installation of Thingworx Flow, some manual changes should be done without re-installing Flow.

Basically, hostname for Flow should be changed in the nginx configuration and in Flow modules configuration; whenever you see the hostname used at Flow installation, change it with the new hostname.


Change the following configurations after renaming the ThingWorx Flow server in Windows OS :

1. Stop Flow, Nginx and ThingWorx Tomcat services
2. Update C:\Program Files\ <nginx>\conf\conf.d\vhost-flow.conf
server_name : change hostname with new one


3. Update C:\Program Files (x86)\ <ThingWorxFlow>\modules\lookup\deploymentConfig.json
ENDPOINT : change hostname with new one


4. Update <ThingWorxFlow>\modules\oauth\deploymentConfig.json
UI_ENDPOINT : change hostname with new one
ENDPOINT : change hostname with new one


5. Update <ThingWorxFlow>\modules\trigger\deploymentConfig.json
DOMAIN : change hostname with new one
TRIGGER_HOST : change hostname with new one

6. Update <ThingWorxFlow>\modules\ux\deploymentConfig.json
api_endpoint : change hostname with new one
view > oauth_server : change hostname with new one
service_api_endpoint : change hostname with new one


If the ThingWorx Platform is installed on the Flow server :
enterprise > built > host prefix_url : change hostname with new one

7. If the ThingWorx Platform is not installed on the Flow server:
  1. Stop Thingworx Tomcat service
  2. Update <ThingworxPlatform>\platform-settings.json
        PlatformSettingsConfig >  OrchestrationSettings > QueueHost : change flow hostname with new one

8. Restart the Thingworx, Flow and Nginx services
After these steps, Flow should be accessible with the new hostname:
Raluca Edu

Thank you for the article.


It's always good to have such information at hand, because, as is often the case, all of a sudden, someone wants you to have it done yesterday.


One more thought regarding this... I couldn't find a similar article in the Knowledge Base. Don't really care, but as a matter of form, I believe it would be a good idea to have one there.



Thanks for your message, here is an article on this subject:


Hope it helps,

Raluca Edu

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