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How to manually install pgadmin 3 in redhat/centos

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This is just a quick reference on how to install pgadmin 3 if the autoinstall with yum command (sudo yum install pgadmin3) fails.

Two routes would be available.

  1. Try running

yum list pgadmin*

​If you see something like this:

that means the package is available in the highlighted repository, you'd just need to add it.

rpm -Uvh

After that, try sudo yum install pgadmin3_94 (insert your actual version)

2. If you would like a different version (or the latest one) of pgadmin, what you could do is grab the .tar.gz file from here

Then manually install it. For example for version 1.22.2 (the version is just for demoing purposes – I grabbed the top one available in the list):

mv pgadmin3-1.22.2.tar.gz /usr/local/src

cd /usr/local/src

tar –zxvf pgadmin3-1.22.2.tar.gz

cd pgadmin3-1.22.2



make install

Then you would need to configure your server to allow remote user access of the database using pgadmin. Two config files would need to be modified:

Open up the postgresql.conf configuration file.  Do a search or find for the phrase ‘listen_addresses’ without quotes.  In order to open the access up to all IP addresses change the value to a *.  The default is set to ‘localhost’ which does not allow connection from remote computers.

Next open the pg_hba.conf configuration file. Scroll down to the bottom of the file to the section marked # IPv4 local connections.  Add in the following code on its own line, just underneath the line necessary for ‘localhost’.

host all all youripaddress/32          trust

This will allow for local access of the database server to the computer with the IP address you specified.  To add additional remote computers simply add a new line with their appropriate IP address.

Now that your configuration is complete restart the PostgreSQL database server for the changes to take effect.


su postgres

pg_ctl restart –D /usr/local/pgsql/data

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