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Installing Thingworx Analytics Builder

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In this blog we will have a look at the installation of the Thingworx Analytics Builder extension.

This is used as guideline but make sure to check the Help Center for your release as steps do vary with versions.

The installation has been divided in 3 parts:

  • Introduction and import of the extension into Thingworx Platform

Video Link : 1568

Video Link : 1572

  • Installation of the UploadThing module
  • Note: this step no longer applies as of ThingWorx Analytics 8.1

Video Link : 1573

Useful links:


Can you please check the video, seems expired, thank you very much!

Hi Chris,

I m able to see all 3 videos however I noticed if we do not allow the web page to load completely than it cause issues with no play button option.

I would recommend try refresh the page once or twice to see all the video play button.

In case you still see issues could you please try clearing the browser cache & cookies.

Hi Durgesh,

Unfortunately I can see the button, but after I click the button

not only the video on this page, most of the video can't be played, have no idea.

Hi Chris

I too do not face any issue, the videos are working okay for me.

Here are a few questions that may help:

- Do you know if you have some firewall/proxy in the way between your machine and the Internet ?

- Is it possible to try disabling those if any ?

- Also from which country are you accessing the web site (I will have some people try also from the same location in case that has got an impact) ?

I will contact the Community Administrator to check on that but the answer to the above questions are certainly something that he will need.

Thank you

Kind regards


Hi Christophe,

I am in PTC domain network and I have disabled the firewall from my side, but it doesn't work.

I am based in Shanghai China, seems a lot of videos in the community developer site have the same situation, I guess maybe they are blocked by the local network provider, but anyway thank you very much for your help.

Yes, Chris may be it has something related to site/region issue while playing videos and as Christophe suggested we can check this further with our Community Administrator.

Thank you

Hi Durgesh,

I can view the video outside of PTC network, seems there is an issue with PTC domain network in China.

Anyway thank you for all your efforts and sorry for the inconvenience.


I would ask you a little help in order to fix my issue.

I would like to start to use the Thingworx Analytics in cloud by launching the 30days trial of TW Analytics Server available in the usual link

Clicking on the "launch analytics server" button, it returns me a page related to "Analytics Server API Guide" , so I am not able to verify if the server is actually launched or not.

Furthermore, I have tried to download the Thingworx Analytics Extension from the MarketPlace in order to import it in the Thingworx Foundation Server (the trial version of 30 days) but, differently from all the other extensions used, I am not able to download it, since the system returns me the message "Your session is expired".

Actually I cannot figure out the reason why I cannot download it, even if my intent would be just to use the trial version, so I do not think I should pay for it.

Could someone help me in solving these two issues, please? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Ivan

Thank you for your questions.

As they are quite interesting and useful to other and since they are not entirely relevant to this blog, I have posted them in a separate discussion to make them more visible to the Community.

Please see ThingWorx Analytics 30 days trial

Kind regards


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