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KEPServerEX V6 Demo Timer

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A license is not required to download and install KEPServerEX V6. After finishing the full install, all features of the KEPServerEX Configuration are available for setup and testing, including the ThingWorx Native Interface. When either a Client application makes a request of a Driver, or a Plug-in becomes activated, then a license check is performed. If a feature is not licensed, a two-hour demo countdown period will begin for that feature. There are System tags that can be monitored in KEPServerEX to determine which features are licensed, which are in a time-limited demo countdown period, and which have expired. To reset the countdown timer for an unlicensed feature, the KEPServerEX Runtime service can be stopped/restarted. See the links and steps below for more information.

How do I download and install KEPServerEX?

Monitor licensed, time-limited, and expired features in KEPServerEX:

1. Open the KEPServerEX Configuration window

2. The right-most icon in the Configuration icon toolbar is the white "QC" icon. Select this icon to launch a new OPC Quick Client window. The server project should automatically build

3. In the left pane, locate the _System folder

4. Within this folder locate the following three Tags, with the corresponding information displaying in the Value column:

Tag (Item ID)Information displayed as a String in the Value column
_System._ExpiredFeaturesAny unlicensed driver or plug-in that has timed out
_System._LicensedFeaturesDrivers or plug-ins that are currently licensed for use with this install
_System._TimeLimitedFeaturesAny unlicensed driver or plug-in that is in demo mode, with the remaining demo timer countdown (in seconds)

Note: The ThingWorx Native Interface does not require a KEPServerEX license.

Restart the KEPServerEX Runtime service

The KEPServerEX Runtime service (server_runtime.exe) runs in the background as a system service. Resetting this service will reset the demo countdown for any unlicensed feature. To reset the Runtime service:

1. Right-click on the Administration tool (the green EX icon in the Systray by the System Clock)

2. Select "Stop Runtime Service.

3. Either the user will be prompted to restart this service, or the same Administration tool menu can be used again to "Start Runtime Service"


Thanks for sharing. It answers my question: "Am I on any demo mode? Is my license activated properly?" This is very straightforward way to check!

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