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New in 8.2 – jQuery 3 Upgrade

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In the 8.2 release, we have upgraded our Mashup Runtime to jQuery 3.2.  This will give the platform a much needed upgrade to its core visualization library which will bring bug fixes, better performance, security enhancements, HTML5 compatibility and support for current browsers.  We will continue to upgrade all of our libraries across the platform with each ThingWorx release to ensure we are current and optimized.


We are releasing this functionality in 8.2 as an early preview and to enable regression testing of your ThingWorx applications.  In the Next Gen Composer, simply click on User Preferences and look for this setting:




Enabling jQuery3 runtime


JQuery 3 does introduce some new breaking changes (not from PTC!) that may affect existing apps.  We recommend turning on the JQuery3 option and testing your apps as soon as possible so there is time to fix any issues.  Please let PTC know if you are finding issues through our support site and our support staff will coach you through the upgrade process. 

In 8.3, the jQuery 3 library will be our default for the Mashup design and runtime.  This means you will need to address any compatibly issues that jQuery 3 introduces (if any) to your widgets/applications before upgrading to the 8.4 release, where jQuery 3 will be the only available option.  We are hoping this dual mode, early access will help everyone through the transition and produce the best IoT applications possible!


You can also use the guides here for your reference:


Where is this functionality in Thingworx 8.4??? 

Jquery 3 is the only library included now.  You no longer have a choice to toggle between Jquery versions.

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