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Reference note on ThingWorx License application 7.4 vs 8.0 vs 8.1

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ThingWorx 7.4ThingWorx 8.0ThingWorx 8.1
Installation Guide
Installation GuideInstallation Guide

In the Java Options field, add the following to the end of the options field:

-Dserver -Dd64



-Djava.library.path=<path to Tomcat>\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions

Place the license.bin file in your ThingworxPlatform folder

Obtain the license.bin file from the PTC Support site:

a. Log into the PTC Support site.

b. Click Manage Licenses.

c. Click PTC ThingWorx>PTC Licensing Tool.

d. Click Download.

Obtain your license Activation ID(s). Activation IDs are provided to new customers in the entitlement letter. Existing customers can visit the PTC Support site to obtain.

Rename the file to license.bin and place it in the ThingworxPlatform folder

Open the platform-settings.json file and add the following inside the "PlatformSettingsConfig":


"username”:”PTC Support site user name",

"password”:”PTC Support site password",




NOTE: You must have an Activation ID to ensure your license is current.

Multiple IDs must be separated with a comma.

Simple example for platform-settings.json:


    "PersistenceProviderPackageConfigs": {

        "PostgresPersistenceProviderPackage": {

            "ConnectionInformation": {

                "jdbcUrl": "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/thingworx",

                "password": "password",

                "username": "twadmin"




    "PlatformSettingsConfig": {

       "LicensingConnectionSettings": {







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