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The Truth About Things: Building Blocks on the ThingWorx Platform

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To simplify the development of IIoT applications and solutions on the ThingWorx platform, we introduce the concept of Building Blocks. The intent of Building Blocks is to ease the creation of your own solutions and customization of PTC’s solutions. These Building Blocks are domain specific business logic pre-made for reusability, which means you won’t need to build from scratch on ThingWorx and can accelerate your time to value.

What do we mean by Building Blocks? Building Blocks are premade components that enable modular software development. They are reusable, replaceable packages of functionality that can be connected into an architecture framework. Building Blocks allow for quicker development and customization of solutions and applications.

What are the different types of Building Blocks?



Leverage the same connectors we use for PTC solutions for better overall application performance and seamless transfer of data from disparate devices and systems. Identify the devices and systems you would like to monitor and let the connector do the rest.


Domain Models 

Incorporate behavior and data from your devices and systems into a conceptual model of the domain, which is prepackaged based on common use cases. You can also leverage our out of the box models to connect and build dependencies between domains.


Business Logic 

Encode real-world business rules that determine how data can be created, stored, and changed. Create KPIs for your devices and systems with these rules and create alerts based on your unique parameters.



Construct widgets to view or analyze key data points in a graphical user interface that you can customize and leverage to extend functionality. Created with manufacturing and service use cases in mind, UI are predesigned to make it easy to view and understand data.


Building Blocks build upon the ThingWorx platform and are the base of all of PTC’s current and future solutions. We will continue to discuss Building Blocks in future posts, but in the meantime: How will you leverage building blocks in your own solutions? Is there more you want to know?


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Please suggest from where the solution framework extension (building blocks) can be downloaded for  twx 9.3.4.


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