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ThingWorx 8.4 Click and Go Installers

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Key Points
-8.4 installers can be used to install on clean machines and cannot be used for upgrading from previous versions
-The current rule for upgrading via installer is that one must start from a clean build using the installer. After our future upgradable installer release, if one wants to upgrade, they must start with a twx installer installed versions.
-The Flow only Installer is for Enterprise version customers running 8.4 or previous versions of ThingWorx and want ot add the flow capability.
Unified Installer Framework
-Common tool set, common UX
-Unified product install experience

Individual Product Installers
-allow one to start using ThingWorx platform and applications faster
-installs all components with single button click

Improved Download Experience
-new portal/wizard/image repository
Trial Installers

ThingWorx based installers
-Navigate installer released in October 2018, installs the base twx (navigate), nav configuration and licensing wizards
ThingWorx Flow installer included in pre-release of ThingWorx 8.4
ThingWorx Installer -Full Installers - January-early February rollout


For more information on installer, please refer to our documentation.


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