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ThingWorx 8.4 Mashup Builder

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With ThingWorx 8.4, Mashup Builder has been enhanced to allow users to be more productive and efficient in their application building experience.

• Drag and drop targets have been improved in Mashup Builder. 
• The Mashup Builder workspace can be customized: the panels in Mashup Builder are able to be docked, moved, and configured.
• Configure Mashup Parameters
◦ In Mashup parameter configuration, you can control if you want to show To-Do tasks in the To-Do tab for parameters in contained mashups.
◦ A new base type of JSON is available in Mashup parameters that allows you to add JSON to your contained mashup.
◦ In Mashup parameter configuration, when you have a base type of INFOTABLE, you no longer need to select a data shape.

A new entity type named Mashup Templates allows application developers to start creating a mashup from
a template that includes layout, content, and service binding configuration. In this preview release, five default
templates based on Flexbox are included. In addition to the delivered templates, you can add your own templates.


Responsive layout:
Creating a truly responsive layout that is easy to use and modifiable in Design time (like adding containers at will).
New responsive layouts are Flexbox-based containers that adjust to any screen size on any type of device.
Note: You cannot upgrade existing mashups to beta responsive layouts. You will need to rebuild existing mashups.


For more information and release notes, click here.

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