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ThingWorx 8.5 Solution Central and Q&A

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Challenge: Complex Deployments
-Today deployment of twx apps is challenging due to manual dependency management; little visibility into apps and environments; complexity and slow speed of deployment

Feature Solution Central:
-Automated dependency management
-Centralized app management portal

Value: Rapid scalable deployments
-Accelerate application deployment
-Simple UI-based environment and solution management
-Site-wide visibility of apps and environments

Steps involved:
-Develop projects locally
-Package artifacts and dependencies
-Publish App to Cloud
-Deliver to your ThingWorx environments

-Update to latest ThingWorx
-Connect to Solution Central
-Begin Publishing
-No additional licensing
Q: Does it also package up prerequisite extensions?
A: It doesn’t package or build them, but they are identified as dependencies before publish/deployment. Multiple solutions building modular structure through dependencies
Q: Each published project is packaged as an extension?
A: That is correct
Q: Is it also possible to manage deployment of collection permissions & OOTB entities permission/configuration through Solution Central ?
A: Whatever can be member of the project can be packaged and published
Q: Can we package locally without publish to cloud
A: Yes. Just don't register to Solution Center
Q: How to install a solution offline ?
A: One can package locally and install them as extensions
Q: Is Solution Central a Cloud only application?
A: Yes, but the packaging capability is available in ThingWorx
Q: Do all customers have access to this solution or do they need to have a cloud contract?
A: All customers can access as part of their ThingWorx license
Q: Will customers be able to install their own on-prem implementationn of the Solution Central Web? Is using our cloud required?
A: The Solution Central portal will only be available in the PTC Cloud, but the ability to package is part of the platform and can be done on prem.
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