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ThingWorx 9.0 is here!

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It’s here! It’s happening! ThingWorx 9.0 released today!


Unleash the Power of Now and leverage exciting new features like:

  • Improved performance and higher availability via active-active clustering
  • Faster, more streamlined development with:
    • New widgets like line, bar & schedule charts
    • Undo & redo functionality in Mashup Builder (look out for an upcoming Ask Kaya tech tip)
    • New Mashup mobile settings
  • Simpler management of entities and applications:
    • Improved auditing scale & usability
    • Ability to group entities via Thing Groups
    • Ability to deploy apps built prior to 8.5 with Solution Central
  • And more—like:
    • Confidence model training
    • Delegated authorization for Flow
    • [Navigate] Component-based app development for custom production use apps (upgrade-safe)

And even more—the list goes on and on. Check out the full list of new functionality in the 9.0 release notes and discover our What’s New page.


Access 9.0 under “ThingWorx Foundation” on the PTC Downloads Page and unleash its power today! As you get started, check out the ThingWorx Help Center for guidance.


Enjoy 9.0 and let us know what you think below!



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