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ThingWorx - Getting Started Guide

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This document contains information that should be reviewed before installing or upgrading to the latest version ThingWorx for both new and existing customers. Note that many of the links in this document require that you have created and validated an account on the PTC website.

Account Creation

For users who do not yet have an active maintenance agreement, an account can be created by accessing the Basic Account Creation page.  With a basic account, you will have access to the ThingWorx Community, product documentation, and support articles. Also, a basic level account will grant access to our new Developer eSupport Portal, which is a great resource for users of all levels to become more proficient with ThingWorx and the emerging world of IoT in general.  For more details on the new Developer eSupport Portal, please refer to our Getting Started with the New eSupport Portal guide.

For users having an active maintenance agreement with PTC that have not yet created an account on the PTC website, a new customer account can be created by accessing the New Customer Account page.  With a customer-level account, you will have access to all basic account links listed above, plus access to download all licensed PTC products.  You will also have access to our dedicated application support team.  In order to create a customer account, you will be asked to provide your Customer Number, and one of either your Service Contract Number (SCN), Sales Order Number (SON), or Site Number.  This information will have been included in documentation sent to your company by your PTC Sales Representative.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the account creation process, please contact us using the Web Account Case Logger.

Document Structure

Throughout this document, references will be made to specific documentation related to the ThingWorx Platform.  A listing of links to this supporting documentation will be provided at the end of this article for all supported releases of the ThingWorx Platform. Please reference this link to review documentation specific to the release version being installed in your local environment.

Overview of Changes

For a complete listing of new features and enhancements introduced in the latest version of the ThingWorx Platform, please refer to the Release notes documentation, which is included within the platform downloadable zip file. In addition to providing brief descriptions of each enhancement, this document indicates where you can find more comprehensive coverage where applicable.

Release notes are also available online for review.  For a complete listing of release notes for all supported releases of ThingWorx, please refer to the link at the end of this document.

Required Software

The following table lists the files that are required for a complete installation of the ThingWorx Platform:



Oracle JDK

Oracle JDK Download Page

Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat Download Page


PostgreSQL Download Page

Full details on installing and configuring the above files are provided in the ThingWorx Installation Guide for all supported OS environments.  Please also take note of any version requirements for the above files based on the version of the ThingWorx Platform being installed.  Version requirements are noted in the ThingWorx System Requirements guide.

ThingWorx Installation Files

The desired version of the ThingWorx platform can be obtained through the PTC eSupport Site (reminder: maintenance agreement required). The file is provided in a zip format, that starts with a name "MED-XXXXXX-CD...”, where X is some digit.  Once the directory is unarchived, the Tomcat-deployable file is Thingworx.war.  Release notes are included within the zip archive.

Installation and Reference Documentation

In addition to the listing at the end of this guide, all installation and reference documentation is also available online from the PTC Reference Documents page. To locate documentation within this link related to the latest release of ThingWorx, follow these steps.

  1. Set the Product field to ThingWorx.
  2. Set the Reported Release appropriately.
  3. Narrow the search results by setting the Document Type field if desired, or leave this set to All Document Types.
  4. Leave the User Role field set to the default All User Roles selection.

It is strongly recommended to review the following documents at minimum:

  • ThingWorx Platform System Requirements
  • Installing ThingWorx (For new installations)
  • Upgrading ThingWorx (For customers migrating from an older release)

Upgrade Planning for Returning Customers

For existing customers who are upgrading from a prior release of the ThingWorx Platform, PTC offers an Upgrade Planning Guide that can help in preparing for the upgrade process. This guide provides a checklist of activities that are critical to performing a successful upgrade to the latest version of ThingWorx. PTC recommends reviewing this guide for assistance in planning for the upgrade process.

Additional References and Troubleshooting

The following table lists common reference material and troubleshooting material involving the installation of the platform.

General Functionality

Frequently Seen Errors upon launching the ThingWorx application


"HTTP Status 401 - Could not handle request" error when attempting to access a new PostgreSQL-based installation of ThingWorx


Contacting Technical Support

Should you have any questions about the installation process, or if you encounter any issues during the process, our qualified team of technical support engineers are available to assist you. With an active maintenance agreement for ThingWorx, you will have access to web-based technical assistance as well as live phone-based support.

Contact details vary, depending on you region. For comprehensive information on how to obtain technical support, please refer to our online Customer Support Guide.

Links to Documentation for Supported Releases of ThingWorx

For links to supporting documentation for current and legacy releases of ThingWorx, please refer to the following article:


Can an individual download thingworx.war file or only through partnered compay, he can download?

Rdhakrishnan Kandasamy​ : One would need access to PTC Software download page along with Thingworx licence to download the file.

So, customers/partners having maintenance agreement with PTC should be able to access the file through the PTC eSupport Site .


Rdhakrishnan Kandasamy​: I would recommend you to check out community post in case you are interested in using Thingworx by creating a Trial Cloud instance.

starting up with ThingWorkx cloud


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