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ThingWorx Installers 8.5 and Q&A

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New Framework in 8.5

-Install Builder produced installers
-Installation orchestrated by Chef

- UX Improvements
- Cosmetic changes
- Increased and improved help texts
 - Documentation improvements
- Changed layout for clarity
- Security improvements


-Install&Setup DB prior to installation
-Set up ThingWorx DB User and database
-DB command line tools installed & in the path (psql, msqlcmd)
-Java 1.8.144 minimum
-Clean machine for the install

Common Issues
-Command line tools not in path
-DB user not set up
-DB user with incorrect permissions
-Java not installed or in path
-Not running on a clean machine
-Installed java 32bit instead of 64



PM Mike Tresh
TPM Jennifer Keane
Dev Lead Mickey Kimchi


Q: The Windows/RHEL supported OS is just for installers? Running Thingworx on Ubuntu manually, is still supported?
A: Yes. The matrix of supported OS for ThingWorx is larger than what we currently support for automated installs. ThingWorx can still run on Ubuntu

Q: Is the support of Ubutu dropped completely , or just for the initial release?
A: Support of Ubuntu is not there for the automated installers, it is still there for ThingWorx itself.

Q: Would the installers provide a scrolling log or a direct link to the log file ?

A: We provide the locations of the log files at the end of the install in the summary, and also the locations are noted in the documentation if you need to see log details. We also provide a progress bar with some info while install is running. The ThingWorx session will now be terminated by the Logout sequence yes. We now show a login browser prompt for TWX if they try to go back.

Q: How do we upgrade a TWX 8.4 to TWX 8.5?
A: For now, it's the manual upgrade process that you will already be familiar with as documented.

Q: Is uninstaller available?
A: Yes, there is an uninstaller for Foundation available, it should be present for you after running the installer.

Q: Is Docker supported?
A: We do support Docker and have samples available.


How do we install ThingWorx if there's no support for automated installers on Ubuntu?

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