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[Unofficial] ThingWorx Snippet Enhanced Documentation

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Hi all,


ThingWorx contains lots of useful functionality for your services (last count is 339 Snippets in ThingWorx 8.5.2).

These snippets are an important part of the platform application building capabilities, and most of them are simple enough to understand based on their name and the description that appears when hovering on them.


I have witnessed that however, in some cases, the platform users are not aware of their full capabilities.

With this in mind, I started creating some time ago a Snippet Guide for my personal use that I'm sharing now with the community. It contains additional explanations, documentation links and sample source code tested by me.


Please bear in mind that it was done for an earlier ThingWorx version and I did not have enough time to update it for 8.5.x, but it should work the same here as well.


This enhanced documentation is not supported by PTC, so please 1. do not open a Tech Support ticket based on the content of this document and, instead 2. Comment on this thread if there are things I can improve on it.


Happy New Year!


Thank you so much for sharing this Vladimir - this is such a valuable resource.  Considering that most of the Snippets do not include explanations; they are unusable for me and I am not able to understand their intended function or get them working.

This should definitely become part of the official documentation. There have been so many times that I've had to waste time figuring out how a snippet works by trial and error.

You're right @JonathanRigsby  - I posted this as a suggestion for improvement over in the ThingWorx Ideas section.  Feel free to tell all your friends and vote it up!  ( You too @VladimirRosu )

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