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Upcoming Live Expert Session: Understanding ThingWorx Navigate Licensing

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We will host a live Expert Session: "Understanding ThingWorx Navigate Licensing" on February 11th, 10h EST.


Please find below the description of the expert session and the registration link.


Expert Session: Understanding ThingWorx Navigate Licensing

Date and Time: February 11th, 10h EST

Duration: 1 hour

Host: Christoph Braeuchle, Emily Larkin and Steve Scheib - ThingWorx Navigate PM team

Registration Here:  



ThingWorx Navigate licensing opens many users a way to access PLM data and functionality at an attractive price tag when they don’t need to use the full power of Windchill functionality. This licensing and packaging have changed over the past 1.5 years and this is the perfect time to share an update on available license types and answer essential questions like...

  • Which license types do my end-users really need?
  • What capabilities are provided by each license type?
  • What are the best ways to understand and control license usage in my company?

Don’t miss this session if you want to understand how ThingWorx Navigate licensing works and which options are available.


Existing Recorded sessions can be found on support portal using the keyword ‘Expert Sessions’.

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Hi everyone,
Our expert session: Understanding ThingWorx Navigate Licensing is tomorrow!!! This content will be very valuable as it will help us understand how the license model works, what kinds of licenses we have (view, contribute, connected PLM, registered user, daily user, etc) as well as how to deploy and make sure the licenses are correctly available.
Don't miss it!

Hi Everyone,


You will find the recording for this session here (with Q&A transcript!)


Your feedback is very important to us! After watching the recording, please take 2 min to complete this survey

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