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Using the datasetRef parameter in Thingworx Analytics Services

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Thingworx Analytics is offered through the User interface called Analytics Builder with some pre-configured functionality. However, should you want to create your own jobs and mashups, all features from Analytics Builder and some more are available through the Thingworx Services. 

Running most functionality requires that you provide some data to run the Analytics Services. This is where the datasetRef parameter is required. 


  1.     Data uploaded through Analytics Builder
    • Any dataset uploaded through builder will require have a datasetUri as shown in the image above and format will be parquet (all small letters)
    • datasetUri can be obtained from the list of datasets in builder
  2. Passing data as an in-body Dataset
    • If data isn't uploaded through Analytics Builder, data can be supplied as an Infotable in the data parameter of the datasetRef.
    • Metadata will also need to be supplied if a new dataset is being created (create Job of the AnalyticsServer_DataThing)
    • If this data is being supplied for a scoring job, as long as the column names match up to what the model is expecting, TWX Analytics will inference them appropriately.
  3. The filter parameter is for parquet datasets already uploaded into TWXA and will take an ANSI SQL statement format to add conditions to reduce number of rows.
  4. Exclusions is an single column infotable list of the columns you wish to remove from the job you are trying to submit
    • Example: If you want Profiles to only run on 5 out of 10 columns, you would give a list of 5 columns that you don't want to include in this exclusions infotable.

Data may also be supplied as a csv file in the file repo in some cases, in which case you would give the dataseturi parameter the location of the file on the TWX File repo (of the format thingworx://UseCaseFileRepo/tempdata.csv) and the format which would be csv

A nice quick intro - thanks!

It's rather superficial, though. Could you share some REST examples of common operations with Analytics services?
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