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Not all the devices are responding


Not all the devices are responding


I recently started a project with 7 PLC (Mitsubishi C2J). Each of the device has its own channel. When I launch the QuickClient, only the first device have its tags quality at 'Good'; all the other have bad quality. 



Also, in the logs, it appears that 'Device is not responding' for them.



The strange part is that, when I ping the IP addresses of the devices, all of them are responding well.


and the item ._system of the device that are not responding have ._Error boolean at '1'.

The last thing that I have noticed is that, when I change the IP address of the first channel to another one (ie, from .31 to .32), the new address of the device becomes readable in the quick Client. 

I though it was an error in the channels parameters, but the all have the same parameters.


Need some help, thank you.




Hello Armand,


Device not responding is a common issue when configuring devices in the KEPServerEX application. Here is a link to the Kepware knowledge base article that covers initial troubleshooting of devices that are not responding:


If the issue persists, I recommend opening a case through the my kepware portal of the website so that the Kepware Technical Support team can take a deeper dive into your configuration. Here is a link to the login page:


Log In | My Kepware


I can also create a case on your behalf if it is more convenient. 




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