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Are you a Mathcad Enthusiast?

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Hello everyone,

Me and some of my marketing colleagues have been thinking about new ways of doing marketing – but using the tools we already have at hand and many of you are also using today.

We want to do something beyond sending you offers by email and we thought there also should be something “in it” for you… So here’s what we have agreed to – it will be only relevant for those of you who are using Twitter – or plan on using it.

We have created this Twitter list called the "Mathcad Enthusiasts" and you can find it here:

This is a pretty cool list.  If you manage to get "on" it, you will be automatically entered in our monthly sweepstake.


How do I get "on" this list?
You simply need to retweet this URL at least once:

Simply create a tweet with a call to action such as

  • "Check out the Mathcad #Prime free trial at" or
  • "See what’s new in Mathcad #Prime and download the free trial at"  - or
  • simply re-tweet someone else’s tweet with the same information
  • Make sure to use the hashtag #Prime so we can easily find your tweet and add you to the list!

We have set up an automatic search on Twitter that will show us all contacts who have done so and we will add them to "the list".

We are starting small. The first item will be a t-shirt. The next month it could be something entirely different. We will be announcing the monthly prize every new month through tweets from @PTC_Mathcad, so stay tuned in and follow us for updates.

When and how are you picking the winners?

We are picking the winner on the last Friday of each month. The first pick will happen on June 24, 2011. The winner will be picked randomly from those that tweet the link. Note: we are keeping track of the winners and each Twitter account can be drawn a maximum of 3 times. The winners will be announced through @PTC_Mathcad and here on PlanetPTC Community.

Help spread the word about Mathcad Prime, and tweet this URL -- it’s THAT easy!



Today's Friday - June 24 and we have just picked the first winner!

Congratulations to @mathmarshall and many thanks for re-tweeting!

Now to the next round!

The prize for the coming month is a free copy of the book "Elements of Optical Networking" by Professor Volkmar Brueckner which we have recently introduced on the Mathcad blog.

The July/August winner will be picked on August 26!

Thanks to Vieweg+Teubner Publishing their cooperation!

The July/August winner has been picked. Congratulations to @Bremenpl and many thanks for re-tweeting!

Your copy of "Elements of Optical Networking" is already on the way to you!

In September, we are giving away a t-shirt - continue retweeting and jump on our Mathcad Enthusiasts list! Good luck, everyone!

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