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Painting Easter Eggs with PTC Mathcad

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This is the worksheet that corresponds with the blog post Painting Easter Eggs with PTC Mathcad.


Play around with it and paint your own Easter eggs. Be sure to show us what you create!


Ah, no fun for Express users.

Sorry, Luc, I couldn't find a way around using Solve Blocks and Programming...


I was unaware that there had been any new blog posts since January.  It appears that the blog site has changed, and new posts are not showing up on the left side of the PTC Mathcad Community page.  Any plans to fix this?

One other way




Hi Valery!

Here is your "egg" done in Prime.

Advantage is the possibility to use NaN in 3D-plots.

Disadvantage is that Primes plotting capabilities beats everything - in the negative sense.

Lets hope that the third party plot program in Prime 4 will be something worth using.


Thanks, Werner!

One more



Read please about this trick Painting and sculpture in a medium Mathcad

My company recently updated its Creo software and MathCAD Prime 3.1 was a new program that came with the newest update. I would like some information on its purposes, usefulness, and other ways that it is used.

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