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Promising performance data from early PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 development builds

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PTC Mathcad is an ideal tool for recording the design knowledge for many different engineering problems. As engineering problems get more complex, the design knowledge grows in length and so does the Mathcad worksheet. The longer the Mathcad worksheet, the more regions it contains and for very large worksheets that contain hundreds of regions the general performance of document operations can become an issue. This is something that a number of customers have raised as an issue with Mathcad Prime and is something we want to address.

For the last year, while PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 functionality was being implemented, our development team has been working on refactoring how PTC Mathcad worksheets are structured and displayed in an attempt to greatly increase the performance of larger worksheets. Operations like adding lines and pages of space, opening and closing areas, changing page formatting options, copy and pasting content – the general functionality we all use when navigating a Mathcad worksheet.

I recently reviewed an early development build of PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 and the performance increase for these document operations is in many cases tens of times faster. For one extremely large and densely populated test worksheet we use, area expand/collapse times came down from 30 seconds to just over a second, adding a line of space went from 10 seconds to less than a second. These are extremely promising results. We plan on running a limited Alpha test for users of large worksheets to provide feedback on the usability these changes in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 provide but on the basis of the builds so far, the performance benefits should be huge.


Please help us by asking Mathcad team to update/refine the GUI/Ribbon in Prime 4.

A flatter GUI with pixel-perfect icons will be better.

Thank you.

It is great to hear the improvement on the worksheets and handling of the large amounts of data.  Some the basic functionalities are missing.  The plotting feature for Prime has to corrected to be as least as good as Mathcad v15.  This seems to be considered an unimportant feature.  Plotting results provides insight into solutions:

1. Checking results for accuracy .  I insist on it with our new engineers.  This includes non-Mathcad results

2. Bettering understanding of the results.

3. Presentation to the customer

The release data for Mathcad v15 M040 has slipped.  Is there a new date?  Is there any expected change in the release date for Prime 4.0?  It is already late.


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