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I get no license from ptc server PTC Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 6.0


I get no license from ptc server PTC Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 6.0

Hello i just setup PTC Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 6.0,

I'm registred.

But at the launch softwer ask proxy.


After input no proxy i can get possibility to activate manuelly for 72 hours and software give me a code but each time the code isn't valide.


Can you help me




Same Problem since Friday.

I get a license code via manuall activation , but i get the message license code is invalid

Same here.

Requesting an activation key doesn't work either (get the key, but it is rejected).

Hello, here is the same problem.

After start programm, it's ask for proxy. Manuel code, I can use vor use 72 Hours without Internet.

Same problema...

Same here, Licence is garbled junk.

Hi. Yes, the license server for the “PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express” is down for several weeks already. I cannot find any official statement from PTC as to why this is the case, but we can read along the lines that basically they don’t care.  I guess the SSL certificate on the server has expired and there is no one to renew it. It had happened before, albeit this is the longest downtime since I can remember.

Fortunately, the manual web activation still works (for now). After you see the “proxy” dialog, just press the “Submit” button and you can enter the activation string from the web. Just click on the link, login with your account and copy&paste activation string to the activation field. It gives you 72 hours, before you have to go through this process again. Very annoying but at least you can continue using this software. I hope this method will continue working indefinitely. It’s such a great piece of software!

Thanks. I noticed I had one success for a short while but this will be intolerable in the long run. Also gives me no confidence to buy their paid software. I guess we must buy Solid Works.

I understand your frustration very well. Especially when you consider what PTC says on their CEDM
Express download page: „Once you've registered and downloaded the software, it's yours to use indefinitely.“ Well, in this case “indefinitely“ means as long as they change their minds and shutdown the license servers.


Anyhow, we have to admit that what PTC offers to hobbyist in CEDM Express package for free is clearly the substantial (maybe best?) value on the market right know.  There is no free or heavily discounted version of SolidWorks as far as I know. And learning curve of SW is much steeper. You can go with DesignSpark, which is based on SpaceClaim direct modeler. It’s fully live and active. However it has no drafting capability. BUT you can buy it as a “Mechanical Drawing module”  for around $600. That is the price I would love to pay for an updated version of CEDM Express (with upped limit on parts) without online activation hassles.


But I guess this is not the direction the PTC is heading. It’s all about subscription model for PRO users right now. That makes no economic sense for hobbyist.

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