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Text on 3D geometry can not be changed


Text on 3D geometry can not be changed


I need to pattern an identity plate. This plate has a number on itself. It is very difficult to write geometry text, orientate and extrude one by one. Is there an easy way to change text inside the geometry?


After making the hole, it's not a text anymore.


SolidDesigner-20.5 + PE8 + PhoenixPDM + Solidworks + Blender

As the previous respondent stated once the number is punch into the part it is no longer recognized as text.


However, what you describe can be automated by writing a Lisp macro using the IKIT.  I would recommend creating this as a dialog box.  The IKIT documentation including the dialog box commands are located in the Advanced Documentation.



Hello Ertan

unfortunality highway45 and sobrien-2 are right.
Worser, the text become already geometry the moment if you put it in the workplane.
So I can only offer a workaround to make ik easyer for the positioning.
We have made in the past something similar, but rectangular.

1. Made all texts in one time on w1. i used 2 digits by cause the partnames and the numbers are in the same order.
But this is up to you. Text 01 Enter Enter 02 Enter Enter 03 ...and so on until 15.
2. Created the 1. plate and then rotaded like your picture. In this exemple 15 pieces. 360° / 15 = 24°
The 15 parts in assembly01, so you can turn them all together.


3. Start with make w1 + the 'Plättchen.01' actif. Punch
4. Move the workplane w1 one number higher, set 'Plättchen.02' actif and turn assembly01 24° (in my case again the clock)
Punch ...and so on. A little like the western hero with his drum revolver or "wheel gun"




In an other topic you asked: > Is there a way to regen of text? They are too many cracked.
Well, all fonts are built that way. Coordinates connected with straight lines.
If you really want the characters to be smooth you could trace them vertex to vertex on the workplane using Splines and then erase the straight lines. That goes easyer if you make the vertex visible.
Right click in window - Show Properties - Workplanes - Vertices On
For numbers only, the effort is manageable 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (9 = 6 with 180° turn)

Hope this helps. Success with it.

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