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need help convert .pkg to .dwg


need help convert .pkg to .dwg


I received a file with .pkg format and I've tried using Creo Pro 5.0, Creo view express, and Creo Elements Direct Modeling express but all of those can't open the file. Can you please help me to convert it into .dwg? I'll send the file through the message. Thank you in advance!


PKG Files are in ZIP Format.
Use a tool of your choice to unpack the file.
Then post what files are contained in the Archive.
If you fail to unpack than it is unlikely that this is a PKG file.
(or could be a very, very old PKG from UNIX times).

But as a first step, try to unpack.

Thank you for your response. I did change its into zip format but the one
of the file inside of it has no extension so it shows up as unix exec file
in Mac OS X. But when I opened the file inside the archive with notepad I
see a line saying " Rz CREO ELEMENTS/DIRECT MODELING x68
21.0" and the rest of them was weird symbol. The .pkg file is actually a 3D
drawing of a part that our client sent to our company. I have requested
them to send us the drawing with another extension but for some reason,
they couldn't do that.

They should send it to you as and ASIS(SAT) 7.0 which can be exported from Modeler and import into most other CAD systems.

This matches what Steve posted.
The File inside the PKG (ZIP) is a 3D File - and this file is in binary Format (I am the Inventor of it).
There are tools to dissamble the binary data to ASCII Format, but what you the "text" you see

is already enough Information to tell that this file was created by SolidDesigner V 21.0
So you will at least need SolidDesigner 21.0 to load the 3D Model.


However, also as Steve pointed out, the data in this File is *3D* not *2D*
To convert to DWG you would need to create a drawing first.
If the creator of this PKG File also has created a Drawing already, he should send you a .BDL (bundle file)
containing the 3D Model *and* the corresponding drawing.
However,  you would still need SolidDesigner V 21 or higher to load this data.

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To load a .pkg file, you will need access to Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.  The express version of Modeling cannot read .pkg files.  Furthermore, a .pkg files contains 3D data, not 2D data.  So, there is no conversion between a .pkg and .dwg.  You would first have to create a drawing and then convert that drawing to a .dwg file.


If you do have access to Modeling, then you'll need to make sure that the .pkg file was produced in a version of Modeling that is the same or older than what you have access to.  In other words, a package file created by v20 cannot be read by v19 of Modeling.


We do provide translation services if you are interested.



Modeling Express and Modeling have different data format by purpose.

Data created in Express cannot be loaded into Modeling and vice versa.

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