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New LiveWorx 2021 Badges (and More) Have Arrived

Community Manager

New LiveWorx 2021 Badges (and More) Have Arrived

Hello, PTC Community,


I want to call this "PTC Community Badge Catch-Up Weekend" where the PTC Community Team catches up on announcing some badges members recently received or will receive this weekend!


We are loading the LiveWorx2021 Badge, PTC/USER Badge, and "Progressive" Community Badges.


You will find these new badges on your community profile screen.







  • LiveWorx Attendee 2021 Badge


Thank you to all our PTC Community members that participated in the first episode in March for the virtual LiveWorx Limited Series 2021, "WORK METHODS CHANGING THE WORKPLACE


EPISODE TWO:THE NEW FRONTIER OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT is on April 22nd at 10 AM. Register now so you can also score your LiveWorx  2021 Attendee badge if you haven't already!


  • PTC/USER Member Badge


Long overdue!  The Community Team was able to do a "match up" of PTC/USER members and PTC Community profiles.  You can learn more about PTC/USER membership here.



  • "Progressive" Community Activity Badges


Now you can receive a badge for engaging on the PTC Community.  The more you engage on the PTC Community, the more badges you will collect!


Accepted Solutions Give Kudos Replies Start a Topic









This means for our legacy members, you may receive up to 50 "Congratulations Messages" for all the great work you have done along the community journey. And, for our new members these are the badges (milestones) to aspire to collect.  We apologize for the extra notifications, but we hope you enjoy looking back and seeing your accomplishments.


If you feel you should have received one of these badges and did not, please contact Jaime_Lee or the Community Team at 



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