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PTC Community July 2021 Updates

Community Manager

PTC Community July 2021 Updates

Hi, Everyone!


July has been a busy month for the PTC Community Team.  We have been busy making minor updates to the community UX.  We also loaded some new Community FAQs as well.


"Welcome and How To"  Updates


Be sure to go read these FAQs  to learn more about some changes to the member experience..



UX Changes


Below is a round up of some of the UX changes you may or may not have noticed!


1. "Redundant thread title" is now removed! 

. Redundant thread title is now removed!  Members are now able to get to the thread details right away!








2.  Reduced white space. 20, 30, 40, 20, 120 pixels....gone!. See below.





3.  Removed Reply Box underneath each thread.  If you want to reply, just click the "Reply" button.





4.  Instead of the extra characters "in response to" for easier identification, we now have "To:<Username>."



The PTC Community Team is striving to make community platform changes  and member experience improvements more regularly.  If you have some changes for the community platform, you can always leave some suggestions on the Feedback Board.

23-Emerald II

These incremental "minor" changes help a lot with usability. Taking user suggestions and turning them in to usability improvements is a win-win way to do business!  Way to go PTC communityTeam!