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Acknowledged added to old ideas

23-Emerald I

Acknowledged added to old ideas

With 100's of old ideas being marked as Acknowledged by the Community Manager, does that really do anything to getting these ideas in front of the product managers who make the decisions to resource an idea?


Product ideas should only be acknowledged or some other indication that PTC will be addressing the issue by a product manager.


23-Emerald II

I'm up to 700+ email notifications today...I'm unsubscribing to IDEAS for the short term.

Community Manager

Hi! @StephenW and @BenLoosli,


You bring up some wonderful points and the "plan" for ideas is now posted on the community announcements board.





Hi @StephenW,


I also wanted to share that I will take steps to prevent the automated messages relating to idea status changes with subsequent idea exchanges. It is safe to resubscribe to the idea boards that you received messages from earlier as they are now complete. 




I, for one, generally want to be notified when the status of an idea changes.  It's helpful to see when PTC is reviewing an idea or if it has been approved or denied.  When large numbers of ideas are processed, which creates a large number of notifications, that is an issues.  I would think that after this one time it would rarely happen.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Unless the moderator has to more mass things. Like Windchill ideas?

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