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I will never understand this 'Community'...


I will never understand this 'Community'...

I usually have a tab open in my browser, displaying:


The heading of the screen is:



I get stuff coming up on my browser that pertains to Creo, right?


In addition, I have something set, deep in the bowels of the 'Community', to send me an e-mail when things are added that might interest me.

For example, I received an e-mail this afternoon, explaining that Paul Shepherdson had raised an Idea regarding Datum Planes.


I was moved to investigate further, so I opened the aforementioned browser tab to look at it and maybe click to 'Like' it.

No sign of it.


If I change the browser tab so that it is displaying (without the /creo), there is Paul's idea, in amongst all the stuff about Windchill, Arbortext, Mathcad, etc. that was the reason I didn't monitor the top level page in the first place.


What's that about?


If I am specifically monitoring for 'Creo' stuff, I reasonably assumed that I would get to see all the 'Creo' stuff. Apparently, I was wrong. I need to monitor all the other dross as well. Problem is, with all the stuff I have no interest in whizzing by, I am very likely to miss the stuff I am interested in.


I have never created nor maintained a web-site, much less a 'Community', but I would have hoped that, in this day and age, it was pretty straightforward.

Sadly, this is just the latest in a long string of recent web-related irritations, not least of which is the failure of my tax form to be submitted in time, that informs me that web-site setup and maintenance must be harder than it looks.


I realise this is just another pointless rant, but, probably in common with most engineers, I find things that almost work, but don't quite, make me unfeasibly cross, so I thought I would write it on here instead of subjecting my co-workers to another diatribe.






23-Emerald II

Under the Creo community is a set of TABS, one of the tabs is IDEAS, so if you have subscribed to CREO in general, you should get anything posted under any of the tabs, discussions, documents, polls, ideas, videos, etc.

IDEAS specifically has one other requirement. You must be logged in to the community on an account that has active maintenance to view or submit and Idea.

Some days you just have to say what's bothering you in this moment... Welcome to the human race, John



I too find myself missing a bunch of good read. Some threads grow huge, so they are hard to miss, but some interesting questions are like never really answered.


I am surprised there is not more performance PC discussion.

Also, surprised there is not more tricks/tips/macro/ speed up modelling discussion.

21-Topaz I

The lack of macro discussion is because macros aren't really supported by PTC. You can record a mapkey and play it back, but there is no official support for how the contents function. For example, there are a number of areas where Menu Manager call still work, for functions that no longer appear in any accessible menu.

There are Weblink and Jlink, but they offer access to parts of the underlying database, not to the UI.

This is unlike macros in other applications, where the commands in the macros are well documented and recording a macro is only an easy way to create the basis for altering the action.

I have asked PTC repeatedly for performance feedback so that there is some method to determine what works best, but am always rebuffed with "don't worry about it"

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