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Arbortext Monster Garage webession: AOTK

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Arbortext Monster Garage webession: AOTK

Just a reminder that the next session in our new Arbortext Monster Garage webinar series is coming up this week.


Title: A-Oh-(Tee)-Kay – Using Arbortext with the DITA Open ToolKit

Shop Coach: Mark Giffin, Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc.

When: Friday, 28 January 2011, 10-10:30 AM Pacific/US


Abstract: IBM was using Arbortext when they designed DITA and built the DITA Open Tool Kit. In this Monster Garage seminar, we tell you how you can use the DITA OTK with Arbortext. Learn the basics of how Arbortext works with the DITA Open Toolkit. (Later on, we'll show the details behind how it's done.)


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About the Arbortext Monster Garage:

There are a million “Uber Geeky” things you can do in Arbortext. Arbortext is a mature platform: The entire set of tools works together. Arbortext is open: The entire UI and publishing pipeline is 100% available through a well-tested API. The possibilities are enormous for anyone who wants to do new, interesting, over-the-top things with their product information.


In this web series, we feature the Open API and the “geeky” things you can do with Arbortext. It's interactive, and you’ll find knowledgeable mechanics, here. All Monster Garage sessions are 30 minutes start-to-finish, but you can hang around and ask the coaches questions for nearly as long as you like.

Put on your shop coat, because here we go….


Re: Arbortext Monster Garage webession: AOTK

Single-Sourcing Solutions is making AOTk Publish, the Add-On to the DITA Open Toolkit (DITA OT) for Arbortext Editor, is available for free under a Creative Commons License and through a volunteer effort by the developers at Single-Sourcing Solutions. We found a lot of people didn't know the history beetween DITA and Arbortext.

Does Arbortext work with the DITA Open Toolkit?

Of course it does! Watch the video.

Arbortext is the original DITA Editor

Arbortext was the first XML editing environment to support DITA. DITA was invented at IBM and the content authors at IBM were, and still are, using Arbortext as their primary content editing environment. Arbortext (now PTC) was the only vendor invited as a charter member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee when it was formed and DITA was released to the public by IBM.

Features & Benefits of AOTk Publish?

  • Execute DITA OT publishing directly from inside Arbortext Editor
  • Publish to all formats supported by the DITA OT: PDF, HTML/XHTML, HTML Help, RTF, Java help, eclipse help, troff, docbook, ePub, etc
  • Override built-in composition dialogs
  • New menu items and dialogs
  • Use Arbortext Editor's native change-tracking directly with the DITA OT

You can request a copy, but you'll have to talk to the Single-Sourcing Solutions folks first. The add-on is written in ACL, Arbortext Command Language, and it takes a fairly assured hand to deploy it effectively. It is a community project supported by Single-Sourcing Solutions and a couple of other Arbortext-savvy, industry experts.

If you need help and support, Single-Sourcing Solutions can help with deployment, enhancements to the DITA OT, and upgrade support for other versions of Arbortext Editor.