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Mega list of Arbortext Resources


Mega list of Arbortext Resources

Updated: 10 May 2018


Arbortext folks are by nature a chatty and helpful bunch. This list is constantly evolving. When you're talking Arbortext resources, you often get a mixed bag of advice. Arbortext is a product line and the set of Arbortext products cover a multitude of disciplines. In this list, you won't find generic places for Tech Comm information, about becoming a better writer, or developing content.  This is a list about Arbortext.


If you want Arbortext information -- purely information about Arbortext -- there are several trusted places to go for specific information about Arbortext:


Here are our favorites, in no particular order....


  • Arbortext Monster Garage book series

The first books about implementing, configuring, and using Arbortext came out this last summer (2016). Both books were written in DITA using Arbortext Editor and published in Arbortext Styler using an APP-based stylesheet similar to the one used as the demonstration example in Arbortext 102. Both books are accessible to beginners and get you up in running in a couple of days.


The print-ready stylesheets used for both books were created in less than a day. If you want to read about how the books were built, you can find the story about them here:


There are two books right now, but we have it on good authority that there are several more planned. The next one is Arbortext 103 and will cover Arbortext-PTC Server (Windchill and SLM) integration.



  • Arbortext Community (formerly the Adepters mailing list)

This long-running Adepters mailing list archive can be found in the Arbortext group on this site.


This list started in 1996 and the complete archives have been migrated here.  It has always been monitored by the Arbortext software engineering staff. Many long-time users and tools folks also regularly monitor the group. If you have a question, it's a really good resource. Beginning and advanced questions are encouraged.


  • The Adepters Information Code Archive

The Adepters Information code archive is located here

Many Arbortext users regularly search it for help with difficult to  solve issues. The archive was started by Karl Johan Kleist.


In 2008, Karl changed career paths, and Liz Fraley and Single-Sourcing Solutions took it over. They have donated the facilities and support to maintain it ever since. The archive has Arbortext, IsoDraw and (soon) APP code, macros, and solutions to common problems. You don't have to be a member to access or post to the Arbortext forum; however, you must be a paid member to access the rest of the board.


  • Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher Mailing List hosted by Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Group Name: 3b2users

3b2users is a list for users of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher,  formerly called Advent 3B2, for the exchange of information, hints and tips

  • Tutorial in the Help Center (in every copy of Arbortext Editor)

    After launching Arbortext Editor, go to the Help menu and launch the Help Center.  The first item under Authoring is an Arbortext Editor Tutorial. This is a great place to start learning or to pick up some  tips and shortcuts to what you do every day.


  • Arbortext User Group

    The Arbortext User Group hosted monthly LiveMeetings showcasing interesting implementation issues around the Arbortext community. Recordings of their meetings have been migrated to their YouTube channel:


  • PubWright Podcast

    Most Arbortext knowledge is tribal in nature. The PubWright podcast interviews Arbortext implementers, customers, and experts in an attempt to share that knowledge with the greater Arbortext community:


  • Arbortext Monster Garage Videos

Learn how to trick out your Arbortext environment, application, and deliverables in these expert-led sessions about all things Arbortext. Session topics range from basic environment configuration to deep UI customizations and stylesheet madness!


Recordings are on the Arbortext Monster Garage YouTube channel


  • TC Dojo: Arbortext Edition

TC Dojo is a virtual meeting place for the Arbortext Professional. Whether you are just starting out in the field or you are a well-seasoned expert, everyone can gain valuable learning at the Arbortext TC Dojo. Session Topics will be selected by the attendees and can cover anything of concern to Arbortext professionals such as architectural design, analysis or stylesheeting.


TC Dojo sessions are free and open to the public, but the recordings are only available to TC Dojo Mastermind members. So join the mastermind or show up, attend and participate because once the session is over, there's no going back unless you're a member!




  • Arbortext Mastermind Group

A professional mastermind group for Arbortext users. This monthly conference call gives you a community where you can discuss real issues you're having and get advice from others who are also solving those problems or have been there before. It's one meeting the members never miss. There are other benefits as well. See the TC Dojo Mastermind page for details. It's not a free resource because confidential business issues are discussed here.


  • Everything about Arbortext in one place

History, pictures, product information, and how to tell if you've got a qualified partner who really knows Arbortext:

  • Arbortext videos on YouTube